Investment Criteria

We are committed to developing schools which have a strong student value proposition achieved by offering affordable programs with high completion and placement rates and empowering students with marketable skills in select in-demand occupations.

Our ideal target is owner-operated, or the division of larger company, which would benefit from our operating expertise and capital.

Target Company Size: $1-25 million Enterprise Value

Stage: Post VC, positive EBITDA - Small to Middle Market

Equity Commitments: $5-15 million per Investment

Investment Structure: Recapitalization and Growth Investments

Important Investment Criteria:
  • Meaningful Growth Opportunities
  • Ability to Add Value through improved execution and additional capital
  • Positive Cash Flow
  • Improvement of Educational Outcomes
  • Located in business and education friendly U. S. states

Hart Capital believes in a hands-on, operations focused approach for advancing the growth of its portfolio companies through:
  • Improved Execution
  • Improved Marketing & Advertising
  • New Programs or Program Replication
  • New Enterprise Software
  • Expansion/Relocation
  • Acquisitions

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